Diary, Mental Practices & Mood Tracker

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Save bright moments of your life, be productive and happy
Helps to focus, give the ability to relax, keep energy and emotional control of thoughts and images
In-app Assistant
Helps you build a deeper connection to yourself, increases mindfulness, communicate clearly to others

Mood Tracker
Mental Practices
Key Features

Get happy. Keep Diary. Track your growth. Use Mental Practices. Gladdy is your guide to happiness for your everyday life

Use excellent, carefully tailored mental health practices:
Daily Mental Practices
Easily track your growth using clear statistic. Understand the main triggers impact on your daily life
Clear Statistic
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Daily practices screen preview
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Helps to stay organized, improve your writing, inspire creativity, reduce stress, achieve your goals
Helps to reduce in anxiety, increases in self-esteem, improves relationship, clears thinking

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Save bright moments of your life,
be productive and happy!

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